Flotilla's Reach

Technology 1: exploiting the system
Environment -2: one hostile world
Resources -4: no resources

It used to be such a nice place. Even as recently as 50 years ago, the was the place to be. However, the people were fiercely territorial, and guarded everything. Slipstream use was monitored heavily.
Each world wanted control, so a resource intensive war began for total control. With the resulting lapse of security, someone (could’ve been anyone) dropped a few of their planet busters, devastating the livable planets. Before then, the war had pretty much devastated the warfare technology.
The only survivors of the war now live in the old resupply stations, reconverting everything to self-sustaining communities. There is no longer enough fuel for anyone to risk slipstream travel.
Old Reach technology is still floating around the cluster, and it’s all dangerous: towards the end, bioweapons and genecrafting became the name of the game, and scrag after scrag was decanted. War’s over, but the legacy remains.

Strip-mined remnants
Scattered space stations
Contaminated treasures

Slipknots reach: Dyyak, Sahara and Maelega.
Imports: Food, air, water, metals
Exports: Wrecks, everyone who can buy a ticket out

Flotilla's Reach

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