Technology 0: exploring the system
Environment -1: one survivable world
Resources 1: rich

Merchant houses vie for political & economic sway, they are venturing out and learning to buy & sell what they can’t directly exploit. Think Venice, Goa, Ithaca; they want more technology to secure their vertical business model. The wealthier houses rent ships and crews, the lesser houses stake “colonists”.

The planet is possessed of extremes of climate, rocky and windswept, too cold in places, too hot in others. The Houses and Guilds maintain Halls where life and commerce are carried out. Agriculture is integrated hydroponics, and their manufacturing tends to cunning design well suited to shipment.

Have We Got a Deal
Indentured Labor
Knowledge is Money

Slipknots reach: Michael’s Star and Dyyak
Imports: everything they can get
Exports: ditto


Sunday Diaspora wellplay