Michael's Star

Technology -1: atomic power
Environment 3: some garden worlds
Resources 0: sustainable

King Halliburton XIII decreed that this system’s natives, on its first planet Sulwood, be allowed sovereignty and rights to their low orbits and moon. Ridgeline, on the other hand, was laid open to claims. Colonists have begun pouring in, though the infrastructure needs work.

Both planets have similar ecosystems, with many common species. Of note is the cow, a four-legged ungulate that can produce milk, meat and hides in quantity. Ridgeline also has some large man-eating predators, such as the basilisk and grackle, that attract thrill-seekers to go on safari.

Plenty of Room
Seeking Investors
Try the Beef

Slipknots reach: Coriander, Zayla and Maelega
Imports: Colonists, mostly farmers and engineers
Exports: Beef and leather, rare native species

Michael's Star

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