Technology -2: industrial
Environment 0: one garden world
Resources -1: almost viable

Planet: think Victorian era England, in terms of factories and increasing Industrialization. Mechanized agriculture has a long tradition, though there is not universal powered technologies. Steam, wind, water and electricity are all in use, while some areas are experimenting with direct combustion engines. Cities are provided with trolley systems for freight and passengers. Ice cutting for urban purposes competes with transportation needs in winter, in the colder areas.

Animal husbandry includes the following:alpacas, llamas, ostrich, diverse poultry, guinea pigs, oysters, dogs, and oliphants.

There is little-to-no interaction with the indigenous culture. However, because of the central location, there are a couple raider bases and the occasional opulent mansion. Halliburton says ‘hands off’, but above- and below-the-law types don’t care. For a while, Halliburton has been mining the rocky planets and gas giants for important resources. There isn’t much left that isn’t on the planet. There’s still some, just not much left.

Mined for Profit
Prime Directive
Heavily Patrolled

Slipknots reach: Coriander, Michael’s Star, Dyyak, Flotilla’s Reach, and Halliburton.
Imports: Waystation, water for fuel
Exports: Metals, waystation


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