Technology 3: slipstream mastery
Environment -2: one hostile planet
Resources 2: one significant export

Monarchy/Plutocracy Benevolent (mostly)
King Halliburton XIV → descendants of original colonists
Noxious atmosphere storms → not survivable outside of buildings, vehicles (from volcanoes)
3 moons – one made of ice, largest of 3 (Uror); 2nd and 3rd moons have minable minerals (Verdandi and Skuld)
People resemble Earth’s Japanese + Nordic combined Tall, mostly blue eyed & blonde haired with slanted eyes and light tan skin. Red hair is only seen within the monarchy & green eyes. Brown eyes and black hair have been bred out due to shared genetic marker for excessive violence. It is believed some violence is necessary for survival of other cultures.

Watch Out for the Volcanoes
Triple Moon Mines
Orient of Odin

Slipknots reach: Maelega
Imports: Raw materials, water
Exports: Ships, other tech


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