T2 Salvaged Reacher Patrol Ship

Stolen Patrol Ship


V-shift 4, Beam 2, Torpedo 2, EW 2, Trade 0
Frame OOO OO
Data OOO
Heat OOO O

Extended Range (r-mass and supplies for long trips)
Slipdrive (can traverse slipstreams)

Got you now
Filed off the serial numbers
Don’t open that door
Look out for number one
Out of ammo


A patrol ship stolen from Flotilla’s Reach, likely found intact but low on r-mass and refueled for private use. This ship is not designed for any particular purpose, but for general military deployment. Now that it’s in private hands, whatever use it is put to can’t be good. There is a decent chance this ship still has some biological agents on board, and who knows how the containment protocols have fared over the decades.

T2 Salvaged Reacher Patrol Ship

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