A cold-hearted scrag, Merlin's gunner and head of her security


Scrag to the core
Shipboard from 10 days old
Long Memory
Wilderness man
Cold as the black
College philosophy
My business
Sever the weak link
Reach exceeded its grasp
Yes sir

1 – Alertness, Survival, Stealth, EVA, Medical
2 – Agility, Engineering, MicroG, C/T (H, F, Ma)
3 – Close Combat, Resolve, Tactics
4 – Slugthrowers, Stamina
5 – Gunnery

MG Slugthrowers (can use military weaponry and armor)
Boarding Party Leader (use my Tactics for MicroG when I’m leading)
Scrag (extra Severe consequence, Health only)


Rafters was part of the last batch of scrags successfully decanted on Vera. His neurokinetics tested in the top 15 percent of his series, so he was assigned to a gunnery position shipboard. His ship was on the last Veran run on the south slipknot, making it through with heavy damage.

Rafters was six months out of the tube when his ship limped into the Maelega high port, having run out of food long enough ago to have ‘lost’ some wounded and disliked crew members. With the news that all Reachers were homeless, the scrags sold the ship and split the take. Rafters snuck down to Victoria to live off the land, and there he stayed for decades, finding some peace.

After leaving Maelega again, Rafters tried to keep hold of his tranquility but everyone knows scrags are only good at hurting people. When Jackal hired him to be a gunner, Rafters followed orders like a good scrag until his heart went blind.

When he hitched a ride off of Victoria with some smugglers, Rafters knew there would be shady dealings. But when Nolei turned up in Kateryn’s clothes and kept to herself, he had a hard time not turning her in until he saw the fear and confusion behind her eyes. He slit Kateryn’s lover’s throat to keep her safe.

Rafters has made peace with his deadly heritage. He’s lost the hesitation he developed on Victoria, but kept the swordplay. He’s the easiest man on the ship to pick a fight with, as any number of buttons will blow him up.


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