Nolei has dark hair with some curl, brown eyes and a peachy complexion.


Nimble hands, quick mind
Jill can help
Starry eyed for science
They’re not ready for truth
Family obligations
Naivete isn’t bliss
Trouble shared is-
Missing family

1 – Agility, Vehicle, Engineering, Art, Stealth
2 – Medical, Alertness, C/T (Ma, H, C), Slugthrowers
3 – Demolitions, Repair, Navigation
4 – Communications, Computers
5 – Science

MG Communications (initiate EWar attacks in space combat)
Technobabble (Use Science for Charm)
Lucky (consequence progression 2/3/4)


Part of a scientific family, Nolei was a calculator, bottle washer, part sorter and so forth from a young age. Naturalists and astronomers notice things people trying to hide would rather they didn’t.

Nolei became a scientist in her own right, while her family made their own discoveries – not all of them publishable. There are things in the sky that aren’t planets or stars.

Some of those smugglers aren’t terrestrial. The aliens don’t look that different. Things happened fast and Nolei found herself leaving the planet in borrowed clothes. Rafters figured it out but didn’t say anything.

Jex A’lai noticed Nolei was slightly more confused for a tourist, and made an opportunity out of the situation, leading to leaving sahara.

Nolei is now serving on a ship, and has learned quite a bit about space, and plenty about where science was in a blind alley. Not ready to go back, but taking notes.


Sunday Diaspora wellplay