Jex A'lai


Looking over my shoulder
Guess what I know
Always the favorite
Turnabout is fair play
Right tool for the job
On the lam
Whatever works
One step ahead

1 – Brokerage, Tactics, Oratory, MicroG, Aircraft
2 – Stamina, Close Combat, Profession (Gambler), Survival
3 – Assets, Agility, Resolve
4 – Alertness, Intimidate
5 – Stealth

Blackmail (Use Intimidate for Bureaucracy)
Assassinate (Use Stealth for Close Combat against a single opponent)
Have a Thing (Stealth Suit)


Grew up in gambling house, was being groomed to run it (possibly) had to learn to run games and the books. Intense rivalry with siblings to see who would end up on top. No murder or maiming allowed but everything else was.

Showed extreme skill in the background running of the house put in charge of books, everyone else pissed. Developed a slight attitude about it.

Decided to take advantage of position and play with the books. Found out someone had already gotten there. Tried to blackmail that person. Person decided to break rules and do murder. Person is after you. Family is after both for breaking the unwritten rules. Noticed Nolei who really seemed out of place and wondered if I could use her to get off planet and out of trouble.

Managed to get Nolei convinced that she had to get me off world and headed to Dyyak. Didn’t think it was far away enough and needed a ride off. Found a likely prospect, thought I was selling parts to him. Let him believe it. Talked our way onto this ship. Got testy. Told him to calm down but he was upset for no good reason. Had to smack him.

Trying to avoid the ‘relatives’ by not staying in one place too long. Didn’t mind using childhood tricks to get by.

Jex A'lai

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