Jack Branson Halliburton III

A high-tech gardener with a big family; aka Jackal


Jack and the beanstalk
Dashing good looks
Science over ceremony
Musical hobbyist
Grieving for a city of cousins
By royal decree
Keeping up appearances
A scarred friend
Reluctant captain

1 – Energy Weapons, Vehicle, C/T (C, H), Tactics, Stealth
2 – Charm, Agility, Arts, Brawling
3 – EVA, Pilot, Resolve
4 – Profession (Botanist), Science
5 – Assets

MG Pilot (Can fly military ships)
Herbalist (Use Profession (botanist) for Medical for long-term care)
Tough (Extra Health track box)


One of the lesser heirs to the planetary throne of Halliburton: 783rd in line to be exact. Duty, honor, tea… blah, blah, blah. Little Jack just wanted to play in the greenhouse and study the plant structures. The greenhouse became an obsession, then a career.

After breakthroughs in cloning several low-light food varieties and high oxygen output varieties, Jack decided he was far more useful to the people as a scientist than wasting time on the aristocratic duties that so many others can take care of in his stead.

When a Flotilla’s Reach artifact infected one of the domed cities with a bioweapon, all died, leaving Jack at 412th in line for the throne. This made him a very eligible bachelor, cutting into his time at the greenhouse and the lab. There was nowhere to hide from the memos, calls, and invitations. Time for a little vacation to the stars. There’s this Darran guy, trying to buy a ship. Jack gives him a loan in exchange for a ride.

Rafters has always been dependable, good for the good work and great for the dirty work. Jack shouldn’t have sent him on that mine mission. He still won’t say what happened there, won’t look Jackal in the eye, and answers orders with a terse grunt.

Well, military academy paid off. Now I’m a pilot of Merlin, a Fenris-class armed merchant ship. I’ve moved much of the greenhouse lab here along with a few friends. I share ownership of Merlin with Darren, and I have a scrag named Rafters. I had no use for the posers on Halliburton, but that Rayne is something else.

Jack Branson Halliburton III

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