Isolo Darran


All you have to do is ask
Sister – Rayne Darran
‘Worthless’ isn’t ‘priceless’
Home is where you hang your hat
Passionate Negotiator
Fool me once…
Illegal legal documents
Smooth talker
Scruples? Is it Thursday already?
All in a day’s work

1 – Slugthrowers, Agility, Computers, Oratory, Archaeology
2 – Bureaucracy, Stamina, Charm, Alertness
3 – Navigation, Close Combat, Resolve
4 – Assets, C/T (H, MS, S, Z)
5 – Brokerage



It was hard growing up… Oh who am I kidding. No it wasn’t. If I needed something, I just had to ask my father’s friend’s sister’s brother-in-law. Or Rayne’s boyfriend’s dad. Or someone else. You’d be surprised what people have and know, if you just ask.

My father was a trader. We traveled from place to place, selling doodads here, buying nick-knacks there. Rayne took after Mama: cooking, repairs, and making sure the help stayed in line. Me? I took after Papa instead, although I wanted to be better at picking out the bum deals.

We were supposed to discuss the purchase of some space tech. It looked legit, she had a ship and everything. Well, Jex A’lai claimed the ship was hers. Turns out it was a transport ship that was just leaving. By the time we were discovered in heated ‘negotiations’ in the cargo bay, the ship had taken off. The damn bitch took me hostage to ensure safe passage for her.

I needed a ride home from Halliburton, and this rather pleasant fellow called Jackal needed a lift. As a rather influential person, Jackal could get access to some questionably legal tech. I made sure we got a good deal, and away we went.

We swung by Dyyak and picked up Rayne. It took no convincing to have her join us. These days, we play things by ear. Piracy here, trade there. You know, the usual.

Isolo Darran

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